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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Gargantuan Orangutan is a dictionary of words that have similar sounds in a similar order. It is similar to a rhyming dictionary, but does not exclusively contain words that rhyme. It is intended as a creative resource for music, poetry, branding, and inspiration. Find a word central to your theme, and then find words that pair with it to create your meaning. A great place to start is the article 5 Ways to Use Gargantuan Orangutan for Creative Inspiration.

What does "steps apart" mean?

Gargantuan Orangutan uses the phonics (sounds) of words to measure their distance from each other, and connects words if they are close to each other as measured in steps. Steps are the minimum number of changes in the list of phonics needed to turn one item into another. This is called “Minimum Edit Distance.” In this implementation, a step is an addition, a removal, or a change in the order of the sound.

How was it created?

Gargantuan Orangutan was created using the following element:

Why can't I find _______? Is _______ really a word?

Because Gargantuan Orangutan uses the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary, it only uses words contained within this resource. Similarly, it contains many proper nouns and formal names that you might not normally see in a dictionary. Check other web sources for use and validation.

Can I have one of my own?

If you have your own source of semi-structured data and are looking to build a highly-valuable reference, please contact me ( with the details for pricing information and a statement of work. Interconnected mobile-friendly web sites can be created that run on any web-server using simple html/css/javascript.